Our Stance Against Censorship and a Public Apology to the Bitcoin Cash Community

We apologize to Robert Miller, freetrader, Kain_niaK, and jessquit for banning you from Yours.org and for deleting your content. We have unbanned all four of you and have restored your content.

We are fully committed to providing a censorship-free platform for payments. By design, it is not possible for Money Button to censor payments. Because Money Button leverages on-chain transactions where users hold the keys, payments cannot be blocked, reversed, frozen, or inflated away. We have never and, by design, cannot censor payments.

However, content on Yours.org is centralized. Although we have a moral commitment to remain censorship-free, it is technically possible to ban users and delete content.

Since last Thursday, an unprecedented hash battle has afflicted the Bitcoin Cash community and driven people into opposing camps. In the midst of these extreme events, a member of our staff had an emotional reaction and banned users he disagreed with on Yours.org and deleted their content. In addition, this staff member made many comments on social media in direct opposition to the values of our company.

These actions were unacceptable. We are changing course, and doing everything in our power to undo the damage caused by these actions. We hope to convince the community that this was an exception caused by extreme circumstances that will never be repeated. We hope that, over time, we can rebuild trust with the Bitcoin Cash community and regain these valued users as active contributors.

A Personal Message from the CEO

I have felt tremendous stress leading up to and during the hash battle. On Saturday, I received a huge volume of negative messages from users on Reddit and Twitter. Although I have developed a strong tolerance for online negativity, these messages were more than I could handle, and I lost control. I banned Robert Miller, jessquit, Kain_niaK, and freetrader from Yours.org based on these messages and deleted their content.

After talking this over with the other members of Yours Inc., who have cooler heads than I have, it was clear this was a mistake and needed to be undone. I formally apologize to Robert Miller, freetrader, Kain_niaK, and jessquit for banning you on Yours.org and deleting your content. I have unbanned you and restored your content.

In addition, I would like to apologize to Jihan Wu, Amaury Sechet, and Jake Smith for treating you disrespectfully during the hash battle. I have tremendous respect all three of you and hope that the hash battle does not permanently damage our relationships.

There are probably others I have affected as well during the fast paced events of the past several days. You too have my deepest apologies. Please let me know if I wronged you and I will do what I can to undo the damage.

See you all on the other side.

Ryan X. Charles

Final Note

Although Yours.org has centralized content storage, the internet as a whole does not. Our main contribution to this industry is Money Button, a fully decentralized, censorship-free payments option for websites and apps. Money Button can be used to build decentralized social media applications where censorship is not possible. For users who are uncomfortable with the centralized content storage of Yours.org, you can set up your own websites and apps with Money Button and rest assured it is not possible for us to censor your payments or your content.

2 thoughts on “Our Stance Against Censorship and a Public Apology to the Bitcoin Cash Community

  1. It was big of Money Button and Ryan to apologize and reverse course. A lot of people in the cryptocurrency community wouldn’t do that due to the inflated egos that so often comes with being an influencer in the cryptocurrency space. (I don’t even limit this to Bitcoin Cash, though I’m convinced that the split was partially caused by egos on both the SV and the ABC sides.) Here’s hoping that we can at least learn to be respectful of one another’s opinions in the future.

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