Towards a New Symbol for World Money

Bitcoin (BSV) is a decentralized, honest and public financial system, and it is fundamentally inclusive.  The currency symbol should align with our historic mission to bring this revolutionary form of money to the entire world. Bitcoin is for everyone.

It is not simply a brand mark. We are not designing a logo. We are designing a symbol for the world’s first sound money that empowers everyone in the world to have financial freedom. If we are successful, this symbol will be one of the most widely recognized symbols in history.

To begin, we researched some of the world’s existing currency symbols, particularly the dollar, pound, yen and euro.


The origins of the dollar symbol are thought to come from the Spanish peso where the letters “P” and “s” were merged to form “$” for convenience.

The pound symbol is a stylized capital L deriving from the Latin word “libra” meaning a metric of weight, like a pound of sterling silver. Two bars are added to the L to distinguish it from the letter L, deriving: £.

The yen is a capital Y with bars: ¥. The bars are added in order to match the style of other currency symbols like the dollar and pound.

The euro is a thoroughly modern symbol because is the newest of the major world currencies. was inspired by the Greek letter epsilon (Є). It combines a lowercase “e” with bars, similar to the other currency symbols:€.

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 4.28.03 PM.png

If Bitcoin is going to become world money, we should have a symbol that is as easily recognizable and meaningful as these major world currencies.

A Little Semiotics

Semiotics is the study of signs and sign process

Saussure defines the linguistic sign as a partial representation of the perceived reality. A public consensus within a determined society or community. Formed by a meaning (the signified) and a signifier that is the acoustic image (the sound and its graphic representation) a mental trace … the union between these two elements is arbitrary, but together they re-signify, re-create. Became more.

Umberto Eco says that a sign is always constituted by one or more elements of a PLANE OF EXPRESSION conventionally placed in correlation with one or more elements of a PLANE CONTENT. Whenever there is a correlation of this type, recognized by a human society, there is a sign. Only in this sense can we accept Saussure’s definition according to which a sign is the correspondence between a signifier and a meaning. Three separate parameters (the plane of expression, the plane of content and the society that context it) contemplate something different each, but combined they become an entity.

According to Pierce, a sign is the entity of three elements (the representative, the interpreter and the object.) He distinguishes a symbol as when there is an unjustified relation between sign and object, as a result of convenience.The symbol is connected to its object by virtue of the idea of the mind that uses symbols, without which there would be no such connection.

Consequences of the hypothesis about the signs.

  • A symbol is perceived through the senses.
    It is named, can be seen, read, and played.
  • A symbol is a physical entity.
    The physical entity is the concrete occurrence of the relevant element of the expression.
  • A symbol is not a fixed semiotic entity.
    It is the place where two independent elements, coming from two independent systems, different and associated by a code correlation.
  • A symbol must have qualities that serve to distinguish it.
    Unique, not to associate it with another sign to avoid confusion.
  • A symbol is reproducible.
    Adapt it to the current playback channels. It has to be part of any alphabet. To be part of a paragraph. Have a typing code on a keyboard. It can be easily reproduced as a manually written sign. Being able to adapt to different sizes without losing legibility.

A symbol is more than the sum of its parts.

Bitcoin Currency Symbol

Combining these ideas with our research into the world’s currency symbols, we decided to start with the name, “Bitcoin SV”, similar to how other currency symbols are based on the name.

Secondly, given recent events around the split and the formation of a new community, we felt the need to create a new concept to guide us in this project:

Building community on a solid foundation.

Lastly, we looked to the blockchain itself for inspiration. The blockchain is a network that we build together. Individual nodes that work collaboratively for a greater purpose. Small organisms that when they come together are more than the sum of its parts.

We created a mood board with abstract elements that in themselves do not tell more than their physical properties but combined create millions of more complex organisms that are perceived as one.

We decided that doing this with signs of the alphabet (letters), it’s a kind of translation that involved creating a monogram. One that fulfills all the implications of symbol characteristics that we listed above.

A monogram is a Greek word that refers to “a letter” and itself is a symbol formed by figures or letters that are intertwined. Beyond having multiple elements its composition allows it to be read as a unit. This reinforces the idea of representing more than the set of elements that compose it.

And like other currency symbols, we added two lines crossing since this is a familiar and nearly universal property of currency symbols.

Below we de


Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 4.20.16 PM.png



2image_preview (1).jpeg

3image_preview (2).jpeg

4image_preview (3).jpeg

5image_preview (4).jpeg

6image_preview (5).jpeg

7image_preview (6).jpeg

Please let us know what you think in the comment section of this blog posts or on the Money Button Telegram group. We plan to iterate these designs based on the feedback we get from the community. Thank you!

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10 thoughts on “Towards a New Symbol for World Money

  1. I like where your head is at but for some reason none of the proposals appeal very much at first glance. Some look too complex, or like coathangers or swans… i dunno. I’m kinda hoping everyone just gets their head out of their ass, gets behind Bitcoin (SV) and we just use the good old Bitcoin B symbol..

  2. I know most people are voting for number 6, but I disagree. Most people generally prefer things that are familiar to them and that’s normal and has always been the case. However, when you want to make history and separate yourself from others, you want to distinguish yourself from anything familiar so that people can relate to you uniqueness once they see it. However, the symbol does have to be simple. So, I vote for numbers 2 and 4, since you can write them with two strokes of a pen. I like the way number 4 is more fluid, but I think number 2 is easier to remember/write. Maybe we could find a mix of both?

  3. Gabriel, your comment is condescending. This has nothing to do with familiarity. #6 is the best symbol for BITCOIN. Once all the other coins are gone, there will only be Bitcoin. The SV part will become redundant. #6 has my vote.

  4. Sorry, Rav. That was not the intent. It’s not about being condescending. I am just following the footsteps of my father who is a graphic designer and studied a lot on the subject designed a lot of brands and he has always told me that whenever you give your customers the option to choose, they will choose the one that is more similar to anything they have already seen. That’s just how the human brain/psychology works. However, big brands always choose logos that are completely different from everything you’ve seen, because of the reasons I mentioned. Anyway, I just shared my opinion.

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