Today we’re happy to announce the launch of bsv: a library for cryptography, key management, and transaction building for Bitcoin SV (BSV). bsv is based on bitcore-lib-cash, which itself is a fork of bitcore-lib. Because BitPay does not currently maintain a javascript library for Bitcoin SV, we have decided to maintain the library ourselves for the Bitcoin SV community. bsv is nearly equivalent to bitcore-lib-cash except that it defaults to the original address format. We are already using it in production in Money Button.

In order to install bsv, you can use npm:

npm install bsv

Or clone from GitHub.

Along with bsv, we have also released bsv-mnemonic, a tool for producing and managing BIP 39 mnemonics which are commonly used across Bitcoin SV wallets. You find bsv-mnemonic on npm as well:

npm install bsv-mnemonic

Or clone from GitHub.

Both bsv and bsv-mnemonic will retain an equivalent interface to bitcore-lib-cash and bitcore-mnemonic-cash wherever possible. Because the API for Bitcoin SV itself is intended to remain stable, it us unlikely we will ever need to change the API for these libraries. The only plans we have to update these libraries at present are to fix the linting, fix the filenames, fix the documentation, and add in the missing opcodes for the script interpreter.

Thank you unwriter for the suggesting the name.

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  • Andrew Golay
    Posted December 16, 2018 at 3:46 am

    Change “We already using it in production in Money Button” to “We are already using it in production in Money Button” and then delete this comment. Thank me later.

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