Step-By-Step Instructions to Upload Large Files to the Bitcoin SV Blockchain

There is no limit to the amount of data you can store on the Bitcoin SV blockchain. Currently, the miners are charging 1 satoshi per byte which at current market prices is about 7 US cents per 100 KB.

Because opreturn data sizes larger than 100 KB are not being mined, it is necessary to break up large files into pieces less than 100 KB. The app makes this extremely easy. That tool plus our UTXO split tool makes it easy and reliable to upload large files to the blockchain.

Sometimes people get the “speed limit” error when trying to upload large files. That is because they are hitting the 25 unconfirmed transaction chain limit, or one of the other limits on the size of unconfirmed transaction chains. It is possible to resolve this by creating a large number of confirmed UTXOs. That allows you to swipe Money Button over and over and spend a new, confirmed UTXO each time, so that your unconfirmed transaction chain is never longer than 1, so that you don’t get anywhere near the limit. Our UTXO split tool makes this possible and easy to do.

Here are step-by-step instructions on how to upload large files to the blockchain:

  • Identify the file you wish to upload, such as an image, video, or audio file.
  • Compute the amount of fees it will cost to upload the file. At 1 satoshi per byte, and a market price of 65 USD, and 100,000 bytes in a 100 KB opreturn, that is about 6.5 US cents per opreturn. For a 5 MB file, there are ten 100 KB chunks per megabyte, so that is 5 * 10 = 50 chunks of 100 KB or 6.5 cents each, for a total (rounding up) of about 3.50 USD.
  • Be sure you are signed into Money Button and have more than enough money (in this example, 3.50 USD) in your Money Button wallet.
  • Visit the UTXO split tool and make sure to split your UTXOs to at least as many UTXOs as the number of file chunks you will be uploading. In this example, that is 50. If you plan to upload more, you may want to create more UTXOs. You can currently create up to 750 UTXOs, which is adequate for nearly continuous uploads as your transactions will confirm every 10 minutes on average.
  • Wait for your UTXO split transaction to confirm before proceeding. The UTXO split tool will let you know when that is the case.
  • After your UTXO split transaction has confirmed, visit to upload your file. That app will break your file into parts and generate a bunch of buttons to upload the parts, and then one concatenation button to put the parts together. Swipe all the buttons.
  • After swiping all the buttons, you can view the file by clicking the link. Note that it may take several seconds or even several minutes for all of your transactions to propagate the network. If you don’t see your file right away, don’t despair – wait a few minutes and refresh the page. It will show up eventually.

Congratulations, you have uploaded a large file to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

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