Money Button Fills the Largest Block in History at 113 MB

Money Button has filled the largest block in history at 113 MB, mined by Coingeek. The block contained high resolution photos of Potrero Hill in San Francisco, CA uploaded by swiping Money Button over twelve hundred times. The block was mined on the Bitcoin SV blockchain, the business-friendly and scaling-focused blockchain designed to achieve the original vision of Satoshi Nakamoto of bringing internet money to the entire world.

Over the past few weeks, the Money Button team has been making a series of optimizations to the Money Button platform to make it easier and more reliable to upload large quantities of data to the blockchain. This block is a testament to the success of our ongoing improvements to the platform. Read this blog post for step-by-step instructions on how to upload large files to the Bitcoin SV blockchain.

The vision of Satoshi Nakamoto, sketched out in the whitepaper, the original code, and a series of forum posts and emails, was for businesses to operate large data centers processing millions of transactions per second making it possible for everyone in the world to access a market of information on the blockchain. Bitcoin SV is achieving this vision by restoring the original protocol and focusing exclusively on scale.

The massive blocks being achieved by Bitcoin SV make entire new categories of solutions possible, such global, distributed and decentralized protocols for digital rights management, supply chain, financial markets, and every other industry where information and money intersect.

Money Button is an API and a UI/UX layer for the Bitcoin SV blockchain. With a user-friendly interface and an advanced API that makes every application possible and easy, we are the primary tool for writing data, smart contracts, and financial transactions to the blockchain. Over 95% of the data on the Bitcoin SV blockchain was written by Money Button users in March. Our mission is to make the blockchain accessible to a massive, global audience of users and businesses.

The photos uploaded to the blockchain are as follows:

2019-03-26 10.11.06.jpg

2019-03-26 10.11.15.jpg

2019-03-26 10.11.27.jpg

2019-03-26 10.11.47.jpg

2019-03-26 10.12.59.jpg

2019-03-26 10.13.00.jpg

2019-03-26 10.13.02.jpg

2019-03-26 10.13.07.jpg

2019-03-26 10.13.10.jpg

2019-03-26 10.14.17.jpg

2019-03-26 10.15.06.jpg

2019-03-26 10.15.08.jpg

2019-03-26 10.15.46.jpg

2019-03-26 10.15.49.jpg

2019-03-26 10.16.09.jpg

2019-03-26 10.16.15.jpg

2019-03-26 10.16.18.jpg

2019-03-26 10.16.21.jpg

2019-03-26 10.16.23.jpg

2019-03-26 10.16.29.jpg

2019-03-26 10.16.31.jpg

To see information about the earlier trials of uploading large amounts of data to the blockchain, see the blogchain of Money Button CEO Ryan X. Charles.

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