Why We Are Making Email Verification Mandatory

Money Button users often forget their passwords and need to follow our “forgot password” process to recover their account. This process allows the user to prove ownership of their account by receiving an email. The user clicks a link in the email and their account is restored.

Some users do not type in the right email address when they sign up, and this makes it impossible to recover their account. If a user contacts us because they cannot restore their account, and their email is not in our system, and they do not know either their password or their mnemonic, there is no way to recover their account. They lose all of their paymails and transaction history.

In order to guarantee we have a way to communicate with users and allow account recovery, we have decided to enforce email verification. This means that, from now on, when users sign up, they must type in a valid email address and prove ownership of it to be able to use Money Button. We are also enforcing valid email addresses for current users. In case the user has already typed an invalid email address, we are also providing a feature for users to change their email address.

Some users are concerned about the privacy implications of revealing their primary email account. Users do not need to provide their primary email account. They only need to provide any valid email that they control.

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