Invisible Money Button: Give apps permission to work for you

Today we are happy to announce the launch of Invisible Money Button, which is a way for you to give permission to apps to automatically swipe Money Button for you. This makes it easier to use many apps such as social media, games, and data management.

The new permissions system

The centerpiece of Invisible Money Button is a new permissions system which gives you the ability to control how apps can spend money on your behalf, encrypt or decrypt data, and sign statements.

You always have full control over what permissions you grant to apps and can delete or change permissions at any time.

Some apps, like social media, messaging, and gaming, rely on creating a large volume of transactions. We know it can be frustrating for you to have to swipe Money Button by hand many times in a short period for these apps. Such apps would be easier to use if the number of button swipes could be reduced.

But we can’t simply give access to these apps to spend money on your behalf without requiring that they ask permission first.

So we have designed a sophisticated permissions system that gives you full control. Using Invisible Money Button, apps can now request permission from you to swipe on your behalf. The button itself never appears on the screen, and is swiped automatically by the app. Hence the name, “Invisible Money Button.”

If you choose to grant permission, the apps can spend up to a certain amount of money that you decide. If an app wants to spend more money than you are comfortable with, you have the ability to lower the amount. You also have the ability to cancel the permissions at any time, preventing the app from continuing to swipe for you.

We believe Invisible Money Button will be a big improvement in your experience with many apps. Thanks to this new system, apps are able to create tailored experiences that can generate transactions without requiring you to swipe for every action.

You always have full control.

Granting permissions

When an app requests permission, you will see a dialog that looks like this:


You can choose to accept. If you do not accept, you can ignore the request.

You have full control over the amount of money that can be spent by the app. The app can suggest a value, but you can edit that number to anything that you believe is appropriate before accepting the permission. You can lower or raise the proposed amount.

In order to agree to the permission you need to swipe the “I agree” button. Now the app can swipe on your behalf. This will reduce the number of button swipes substantially for many apps.

Updating and deleting permissions

If you wish to remove permission from an app, we have provided a permissions management system in your user settings. To change permissions for any app, please find the “Settings” button in the wallet, and then find the “Permissions” section:


You can delete the permissions for an app at any time:


Or, you can edit the permissions value for an app at any time:


Re-granting permissions

When an app has spent all the money you have authorized it to spend, you will be asked to update your permissions. That dialog looks like this:


Swipe “I agree” to re-grant permissions, or ignore the window if you do not agree.

Apps that use Invisible Money Button

We are happy to announce that some major apps have already integrated Invisible Money Button or will be integrating it soon, so that you can start using it right away.

TwetchArtboard Copy 164

Twetch is an interface for trading information. Users can own the rights to their content and profit from their creations. Likes, posts, and other actions can now use Invisible Money Button and no longer require a swipe.

Baemail beamail

Baemail is a private p2p messaging app that encrypts messages so that only the recipient can read the message. By adopting IMB, Baemail now allows automatic encryption and decryption without a swipe.

TrueReviews Artboard Copy 162

TrueReviews is a platform that leverages the Bitcoin blockchain to allow for verified reviews to be made across a global database. Reviewers can monetize these reviews since every review is owned by the reviewer. They use Money Button and have adopted IMB to improve the user-experience. Artboard Copy 163 is a tool to manage on-chain data which includes the ability to view arbitrary fails as well as to upload files. is adopting IMB to allow the experience of uploading a file to be far easier by reducing what is normally a huge number of button swipes down to one button swipe.

MedioPay Artboard Copy 161

MedioPay is a WordPress plugin that uses Money Button to provide payments in digital media. Because many newspapers need to customize the user-experience, MedioPay is adopting IMB to allow newspapers to create the user-experience most appropriate for them.

Cityonchain Artboard Copy 160

Cityonchain is an innovative social media app that lets people purchase and trade cities all over the world with integrated chat and other social features. Invisible Money Button is being integrated to enable purchases, posts, and other actions without requiring a swipe.


Weiblock is a new generation social media based on Bitcoin (BSV) blockchain. Users pay for posts, comments and tips. Weiblock will integrate IMB so that users can click or tap rather than swipe for most actions.

Getting help with Money Button

If you experience any issues using Invisible Money Button or any of the other products or features of Money Button, please contact us at and give us all relevant information. We will help you as soon as we can.

If you would like to talk with other Money Button users or with the Money Button team members, please join us in the Money Button Community Telegram group. We are there every day.

Are you a developer? Please see our announcement for developers.

Thank you for using Money Button ❤️

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