Recording history by easily uploading data to the blockchain (COVID-19 in San Francisco)

One of the greatest use-cases for the blockchain is recording history. Today it is easier than ever before to upload data permanently and immutably to the blockchain using, powered by Invisible Money Button. The blockchain we use is the Bitcoin SV (BSV) blockchain.

The blockchain is a nearly permanent data store. Data cannot be removed, and nodes are incentivized to store data forever. This makes the blockchain a great place to store the historical record of civilization. If we put records on the blockchain, people of the future will be able to find all of that data.

Not only is the data nearly permanent, but the data cannot be changed once it is written. The data is immutable. This means not only can people of the future access history, but they can also know that the records have not been altered. This is an important improvement to the way civilization records history. We can have increased confidence in the accuracy of the record.

Last year, made it possible to upload large amounts of data to the blockchain by swiping Money Button. However, for technical reasons, data had to be uploaded in 100 KB chunks, which meant that the user had to swipe Money Button many times for large pieces of data. For very large data, the number of button swipes was unwieldy.

Thanks to the launch of Invisible Money Button, which enables users to grant permission to apps to swipe automatically on their behalf, is now able to radically reduce the number of swipes necessary to upload data. For most files, uploads now require only a single swipe.

We have demonstrated this app by recording the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in San Francisco. This data will now likely be stored for all history on the blockchain.

Images from San Francisco on April 21, 2020

Uploaded data includes the following images:


This restaurant has converted into an outdoor takeaway place.


The Marina Supermarket has a line with people standing 6 foot apart and wearing masks.


This outdoor gym is closed because all gyms are closed.

More information on uploading data

If you would like to record history on the blockchain, or to upload data to the blockchain for any other reason, see these instructions.

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