Purchase Bitcoin SV (BSV) inside Money Button with a credit card, powered by Coinify

Today we are happy to announce that it is now possible to fund your Money Button wallet with a credit card. This makes it much easier for new users to get going with Money Button and start using apps like Pow Ping.

We have partnered with Coinify to make this possible. Coinify supports many countries in Europe and around the world. If you are in a country supported by Coinify, you will be able to purchase Bitcoin SV (BSV) inside Money Button in a few minutes.

To purchase BSV, first click the “add funds” button, and then choose the “credit card” option.

Then choose your location.

Then insert your personal information and credit card information to complete the purchase. Your personal information is needed for KYC, or “Know Your Customer”. This is important for Coinify to comply with government regulations.

After you insert all of your information, it takes only a few minutes for the purchase to complete.

We believe this is an important step to make Money Button accessible to a mainstream audience. Thank you to Coinify for making this integration possible, and for buybsv.com for arranging the integration!

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