Money Button joins Fabriik

The Bayesian Group through its brand Fabriik is building the future world financial system on Bitcoin. Money Button is the leading wallet solution for Bitcoin. Money Button has been acquired by The Bayesian Group to create a holistic solution integrating a hedge fund, a tokenization platform, and a digital asset wallet. Money Button powers the wallet component of the solution.

With our new combined resources in the joint initiative, users can know that their money is secure and we will continue to add features into the product. The whole Money Button team has joined The Bayesian Group and we will be working with a more team members inside the new company.

Businesses that rely on Money Button can know that we will continue to function without interruption as we begin to leverage our new integration to solve more problems more quickly. As a part of The Bayesian Group, we will be able to solve every problem necessary to bring both enterprise customers and mass consumer adoption into the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Money Button is the leading wallet provider for businesses in the Bitcoin ecosystem. We are the most advanced and innovative wallet, integrating not just payments, but advanced scripts, currency conversion, cryptographic operations for on-chain data management, single sign-in and single swipe-in for advanced app integrations with user permissions, and, of course, paymail.

Fabriik has solved a complementary set of problems. The hedge fund and OTC desk bring in high net worth individuals and will reach a large audience of investors and speculators to create liquidity for purchasing and selling Bitcoin.

This acquisition represents a great step forward for both companies.  Money Button fits into Fabriik like a puzzle piece completing the image. Together we will be able to solve every major problem to reaching global adoption of Bitcoin.

Please see the press release from Fabriik for more information about the acquisition.

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